Day One: vMX

A little while ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the ‘Day One: vMX Up and Running’. This book, written by Matt Dinham, is the latest addition to the Juniper day one library and aims to get you started on the vMX.

On the back-cover, I got to write the following:

“After reading this book I could effortlessly create a large service provider network using over a dozen vMX routers, despite the fact that I have never touched either KVM or the vMX before. This Day One book on vMX provides a detailed and fun walkthrough of several scenarios, equipping you with a foundation to start building your own networks and labs. It’s smart and to the point.”

This basically sums up the book for me. If you’re working with Juniper equipment I think this book is well worth your while. The book starts off with a chapter that briefly introduces the vMX. After that, it’s pretty much hands-on and ‘this is how it’s done’.

The book walks you through the installation of a vMX and describes the entire process of installing Ubuntu (and whatever packages you might need). After that, you’ll do some labs and troubleshooting. The appendix will show you how to install the vMX on VMware if that’s your thing.

The most fun for me personally was the lab where a service provider network was created using only 2 vMX routers. Several logical systems were created and configured as P/PE routers. After that, a VPLS was created and used to connect a CPE ( another logical system) to another VM. This other VM was a Linux machine running ExaBGP. Finally, the CPE was configured to peer with the ExaBGP VM, nice!

Creating topologies, testing new configurations and playing with Junos has never been so easy.