JNCIS-SP: MX service provider style bridging.

On the MX, you can configure bridging in two different ways. There is the Enterprise style and there is the Service Provider style.

The Enterprise style configuration is a little more loose, but it will give you less options. The service provider style requires explicit configuration of each feature on the interface and the interface has to be referenced in the bridge domain.

Also note that service provider style bridging and flexible ethernet services encapsulation do not go together. The interface in this example is configured between two MX-routers in the following way:


The necessary configuration for a basic vlan and irb interface service provider style is as follows;


Other bridge related configurations are mostly the same. To fully understand the difference between the enterprise and service provider style bridging, check chapter 2 in Juniper MX Series published by O’Reilly Media. It’s written by Richard Hanks, Jr. and Harry Reynolds and it’s a must read for everyone working with MX-series routers!

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