JNCIS-SP, which I completed in September 2014, was not an end-goal of course. I want to at least clear JNCIP-SP, probably continuing with JNCIE-SP. To that end, I'll continue to write about the things I am doing whilst studying for JNCIP-SP.

Contrary to what I did with JNCIS-SP, I am not going to post any summaries for JNCIP-SP. I will try to do several big labs that cover the majority of the topics that are listed for the JNCIP-SP exam.

I will write up some of the labs in little pieces and mix it with some of the theory for the exam. When I feel like I covered most of the topics, I will try create a cram sheet with facts, re-read my own posts, study the cram sheet and book the exam.

The whole process of writing up this stuff on JNCIP-SP is primarily for myself. I find the whole process to be fun and effective. Reading up on the theory, making up a lab and putting everything into my own words seems to be a far better way for me to study. This as opposed to reading, re-reading and re-reading something again and again.

Besides satisfying my own objectives, I hope it will entertain and possibly help others in their endeavors. Whatever they may be.